The exciting world of BDSM. How to get started?

Talking about abbreviations it’s hard to find one misunderstood as much as BDSM. If you are not familiar with this exciting sexual practice, you may associate it with something harmful and dangerous or at least extremely kinky. But it’s actually none of those things.    Let’s find out what’s hiding under this catchy abbreviation!  B — bondage; D — discipline and dominance; S — submission and sadism; M — masochism.   Bondage and discipline Bondage is a form of activity mainly focused on restraint. Having another person under control or feeling your pleasure controlled by another person is what makes...

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Who we are

Our everyday life is full of societal norms and restrictions. Have you ever thought, what’s beyond all these stop signs?  Once upon a time a group of creative and inspired people went beyond the limits and founded Sequoia Harness – a studio of premium quality BDSM and fetish accessories.    In Sequoia Harness studio, we’ve created a variety of magnificent fetish accessories: seductive full set harnesses, leather and chain skirts, BDSM chokers and leashes, garters, BDSM restraints, bondage kits, different style handcuffs, leather masks and even a series of erotic lingerie. Every piece is handmade. Moreover, it can be made...

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