About Us


Sequoia harness is a Ukraine-based handmade studio of BDSM and fetish accessories of premium quality. The products you receive are unique because they are made especially for you.
Sequoia harness is focused on handcrafted manufacture of BDSM and fetish products.

Our goods just like a weapon - it helps to seduce everyone. If you want to make a personal present, then we can provide a personal embossing on every product you order. It will give a feeling that a present is designed specifically for one person.


What materials are used for the manufacturing of the accessories?

All our goods are made out of high-quality and selected leather and robust findings. We pay so much attention to the quality of leather because we are sure that quality materials highlight the beauty of the design. Our products are made to last forever.

We also provide worldwide shipping and free shipping within Ukraine. Carefulness and accuracy are our top priorities during the manufacturing process. To provide our customers with high-quality accessories, we stay focused on every detail.


Our aim is to be your provider to the new unknown world.

Sequoia harness offers more than accessories made of high-quality hide. We provide a unique aesthetic to bring new colors to people's sexual life. We help every woman feel incredibly sexy and desirable; we help them to becomes Queens of those special nights. Be ready to embrace your dreams and fantasies and make your sexual life more bright and colorful with our goods.