Who we are

Sequoia Harness

Our everyday life is full of societal norms and restrictions. Have you ever thought, what’s beyond all these stop signs? 

Once upon a time a group of creative and inspired people went beyond the limits and founded Sequoia Harness – a studio of premium quality BDSM and fetish accessories. 


In Sequoia Harness studio, we’ve created a variety of magnificent fetish accessories: seductive full set harnesses, leather and chain skirts, BDSM chokers and leashes, garters, BDSM restraints, bondage kits, different style handcuffs, leather masks and even a series of erotic lingerie. Every piece is handmade. Moreover, it can be made according to personal parameters. According to the preferences, we can add a personal embossing on every product. We are always ready to hear you and make your perfect BDSM accessory or the set. 

BDSM has different shades, we all feel it in our own way. That’s why there are several colors in our palette, so everyone can choose the best of them. Classic black color matches all kinky outfits. Hot red color adds a passionate accent to the outlook. Gentle beige and pink colors help to create an airy-fairy image of a good submissive girl. Deep and noble Marsala is a good choice for those who prefer dark and unusual colors. 


We are truly devoted to the creating process, because we believe our products help people to find the new types of pleasure, to feel themselves more confident and sexy, to diversify the sex life and just to make original or kinky looks for everyday life. 

Trying these handcrafted items men and women can change the attitudes to their own bodies. They can get a lot of new experiences and improve the quality of time spent with the partner. 

Think beyond the boundaries and find yourself!

Written by Sequoia Harness Team