How does sexy lingerie correlate with self-love and self-confidence?

Sequoia Harness

"The most important relationship you have in life, is the one you have with yourself." - Diane von Furstenberg, fashion designer. 

We tend to consider fashion as a part of an industry that cares about the outlook only. But the more we get involved in fashion-related things, the more we see the deepest connection of the clothes/lingerie and the human soul. 

There are 3 components of a good relationship that you should always keep in mind: self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance. They do not seem different, but they are. Here we describe these components and look for a correlation between the outlook and your soul. 



Most people feel good and confident only if they get some kind of approval or validation from others. Meanwhile true self-confidence can’t be based on other people's opinion. It’s based on your opinion only. Self-confidence may fluctuate, but eventually it will come back to the point where you feel OK about yourself. 



 This component is not like self-confidence, it’s steady and unconditional. You accept yourself despite all your failures and limitations. You become more self-forgiving and less self-judgment. You do not compare yourself to others, either in a positive or negative way. Self-acceptance has an amazing effect, you become more natural, as you stop worrying what others think about you. 



This is a combination of feeling and action. Self-love is healthy, it’s not selfish or narcissistic. In fact, egoists and narcissists always suffer from the lack of self-love. True self-love takes a lot of practice and dedication. It’s a faculty that can be developed. 

OK, now about the garments. We all know that clothes can radically change the way you see yourself. Sexy lingerie or BDSM pieces can do the same. No, it does not mean you must buy a full harness set right now. But hot sexy stuff will definitely do its best and boost up your self-confidence. You can start from a mesh lingerie set, it’s a kind of kinky lingerie that transforms the way you see yourself. It gives you comfort and a seductive image, because you look dressed and naked at the same time. Come to the mirror and find the sexiest person in its reflection. It does not matter if you have a partner to impress or not. It’s more important to do it for yourself. 


Remember: you can only get as much love from others as you can give to yourself. 


Once you are ready to proceed your sexuality exploration and self-love journey, add a set of garter and stockings to your transparent lingerie. Who knows why these things look so sexy? Anyway, it works great and you will feel like a queen. 

Trying something new is the most exciting thing ever! Stay focused on your feelings when you put on another sexy garment. If you are looking for something unusual, maybe an elastic harness lingerie will fit you in the way you like. Or maybe you are ready to try an open bra harness? You will never know until you try. 

What is the best thing about sexy pieces? There are plenty of designs and colors, so everyone will find the perfect one. Different sets put different accents on your body, emphasizing your favorite parts and tweaking those you are not so confident about. 

This is how we see the correlation between the sexy lingerie and the way you see yourself. We all have our own journeys to self-love and acceptance. Whatever you choose, we will be here to make a unique sexy piece especially for you. 

Written by Sequoia Harness Team