How to change the way you see yourself

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How to change the way you see yourself?

Thanks to social media, the amount of people we can see in 1 hour is equal to the amount of people our grandparents saw in a whole life. On the one hand we can get a lot of inspiration from all these strangers, while on the other hand we tend to compare ourselves with them. And we lose. We will always lose this competition, as we never see the whole picture, but only the most flawless part of it. 

That’s why we believe self-confidence is crucial for living in a modern world. Good news: even if you think you’ve already lost all your confidence, there are lot of ways to bring it back. 

Firstly, let us give you a kind reminder of why confidence is necessary. Long story short, confident people have a huge amount of energy that they can use for achieving their goals, taking care of their mental/physical health or for spending time with the people they love. They become more focused on living a life according to their true values


There are some useful techniques that will help you to improve your self-confidence. 

Avoid triggering content. Check your social media accounts and unfollow triggering profiles. You are not obliged to follow them even if they belong to the people you know. Find the accounts focused on shaping healthy body image and showing real bodies. Or you may follow those who are not focused on the body at all, it is also OK. 

Your self-worth ≠ your appearance. Disconnect these two categories. We are taught that the more attractive you are, the more worthy you are. In fact, there is no correlation between you worth and appearance. Once you get it, your confidence level will improve. 

Don’t be obsessed with numbers. Your weight, height, clothes size do not define you. It has nothing to do with your worth. Stop chasing numbers, listen to your body instead. Eat, sleep and work out when it’s necessary. 

Stay focused on your strength. What do you love about yourself? The answer should include not only appearance features, but also a list of something you are good at. It may seem hard or stupid at the beginning, but eventually you will see the list is endless. Still think you are unworthy? Definitely not. 

Recognize the body diversity is precious. Each body has its own story to tell. Your body is a part of the diverse bodies’ world. You are unique and it really makes no sense to compare two unique people. 


Changing the way you got used to thinking about your body is never fast. It will take some time, but we promise it will change the quality of your life.